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The Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship is India's first radical college, a one-of-its-kind institute which inculcates an extraordinary concept of education that goes by the tagline, “Beyond Fear”. This school of business is aimed at all those young dreamers who wanted to follow a dream but were too scared to even articulate them. The carefully constructed curriculum uses unconventional methods of teaching and combines unique in-classroom experiences with real-world business situations, along with perception shattering sports adventures to push the students to think outside the box, helping them to ultimately move Beyond Fear.
PKSBE is committed to providing its students with many opportunities and experiences through its path-breaking academics and rigorous activities like Scuba Diving (facing the greatest fear of the Unknown), Sky Diving, Mountaineering, Global Ambassador Programs, Horse Riding, Theatre Lessons, Boot Camps, Reptile Sensitization (the stuff Nightmares are made of), etc. into the curriculum. The academics are designed around the ever-changing trends of the entrepreneurial and advertising world.
The endeavour is to nurture the minds of young individuals in a learning environment so that they grow into socially responsible, passionate entrepreneurs and business leaders who impact our world in a positive way in the years to come.


If we had to imagine a life without Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and all the great inventors, scientists and entertainers of our times, what kind of world would it be? Would we live in a world without lights, without telephones, without music and movies?
The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers, but above all, the world needs dreamers who do. Thomas Edison and people like him were dreamers who had the ITCH, the ones who went beyond the ordinary and turned it into something extraordinary. Without the ITCH, Edison’s electric bulb would have just been a dream. How did he turn it into a reality? Life is all about that extra ITCH that makes the purpose incredible.
The ITCH Summit is an initiative by Prahlad Kakar School of Branding & Entrepreneurship (PKSBE), featuring renowned Game-changers who have the ITCH to define circumstances and achieve great heights.
The speakers will delve into their own life story and talk about what makes them the people they are today. They will define their ITCH along with what motivates them and makes them go beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.
The second edition of the ITCH Summit will be an experience like none other, guaranteed to enthrall and engage the audience for the greater good.
We’re ITCH’ing to have you at our summit on:

Date: 28th of February, 2019

Venue: ISME, One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2B, 4th Floor Lower Parel, Mumbai.


PRATISH NAIR - Nurturing The Next Generation Of Innovators!


PRATISH NAIRFounder & Managing Director, PKSBE and The curator of the ITCH Summit

Sometimes you need just one person to put your whole life into perspective and give it some meaningful purpose. That one person at PKSBE is the Founder and Managing Director Mr. Pratish R Nair. He brings his vision, passion and creativity to help students reach their ultimate potential.
Terming him as a transformational coach would be to undermine his galaxy of creativity that streams from storytelling to movie direction to script writing to strategic activities for entrepreneurs and filmmakers. He's a creative powerhouse that has redefined the word 'Corporate Training'. He infuses wit, scientific knowledge and deep insight into all his programs to a style that is incredibly unique, almost like a biometric fingerprint. Pratish spends a large quantum of his time in the company of children who he believes are the purest form of creativity. He puts tremendous impetus to help people get in touch with their inner child. Over the past 14 years, Pratish has mentored over two lakh corporate professionals, creative artists, leaders, techies and Ceo's to reach beyond themselves. The thunderous laughter that fills all his workshops authenticates his witty nature. He believes laughter opens the doors to learning and he leaves no stone unturned to make the most of it.
"To live beyond fear" remains his favourite guideline in life. Serendipitously, his name also means 'BRAVE'. Armed with an MBA in Marketing and a certification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), he started out on his entrepreneurial dreams with nothing but encouraging parents, pure passion and courage. His successful entrepreneurial ventures in corporate training, creatively curated events, logistics management, exports and film making have made him a name to reckon with in the business. He has written, directed and produced several creative plays and short movies. To give wings to his passion he started his own film production house that produces Malayalam films. This stands as a testament to all the enthusiasm he puts into following a dream. Everything in his life is backed with passion, creativity and determination. Like a beautiful tapestry, Pratish has interwoven his innate talents and skills to help others weave their own destiny.


Vidya BalanItch to destroy Perceptions

Raveena TandonAn ITCH to be a Trendsetter

Prasoon JoshiITCH to be creative

Rakeysh Omprakash MehraItch for passion(From cooking to film making)

Amit SharmaItch to tell unconventional stories

Dr. Sindhutai SapkalItch to nurture orphans

Ankit KawatraItch to be a hunger hero

Nawneet RanjanItch to Change Lives

Bina LashkariItch to give wings

Sucharita TyagiITCH to Review Films

Uday DeshpandeItch to Mallakhamb on the World Map

Shree Gauri SawantItch to Care

Anupam BokeyItch to Healthy Snacking

Mamta PrasadItch to survive

Pratish NairItch to edutain

Prahlad kakarA constant itch

Akkai PadmashaliItch for a voice

Anisha SinghItch to innovate

Chhaya SehgalItch for believing in the self

Chetna SinhaItch to empower women

Falguni NayarItch to beautify

Laxmi AgarwalItch to survive

Meeta MadhokItch to stay true to our customers

Meghna PuriItch to educate creatively

Minnu BhonsleItch to manage marriage on earth

Patricia NarayanItch to dream big

Priya DuttItch for clean politics

Radha AlekhyaItch to incubate

Revathi RoyItch to be joan of arc

Ritu Marya

Smita NaramItch to heal

Sophy SivaramanItch to be unconventional

Zeba KohliChocolate crocodile

Advait ChandanItch to be a filmmaker

Anand DesaiItch to go legal / Launch of Lawpreneurz

Arnab GoswamiItch to give voice to the silent

Ashok KurienA Constant Itch

Atul KasbekarItch to reinvent

Bharat DabholkarItch to be different

Captain Raghu RamanItch to lead

Dabboo RatnaniItch to find truth through photography

Devdutt PattnaikItch for the knowledge

DEXTER VALLESItch for Emotional Intelligence

Dilip JainItch to make life an adventure

Dino MoreaItch to go beyond good looks

Dr.Arokiaswamy VelumaniItch to be fearless

Faisal FarooquiItch to ideate

Govind RaiIntroduction to digital marketing

Harvinder Pal Timmy MehtaItch to have Jigar

Jamling NorgayItch to climb mountains

Kaustubh DhargalkarItch to diseducate students

Lieutenant General PatankarItch to solve complicated war like problems in Kashmir

Mickey MehtaItch to Wellness/ Itch to get mickeymized

Mishal RahejaItch to act

Munaf KapadiaItch for tastebuds

MURTUZA HARYANAWALLAItch to have an impact through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

PC MusthafaItch to create a 1000 crore fresh food company

Piyush PandeyItch to find your roots

Prahlad KakarItch to be original

Prateik BabbarItch to believe

PRATISH NAIRItch to be free

Rajendra BhonsleItch to impart sex education

Rajiv DhingaraItch to prove people wrong

Raghuram and Rajiv LaxmanItch to Dare

Rahul AkerkarItch to swim Upstream

Rahul PuriItch to inspire the younger generation

Roopak SalujaItch to not stay still

Rumaan KidwaiItch to Direct

Sanjay GadhviItch for Dhoom

Satyajit RoyItch to Fail Forward

Shriyans BhandariItch to recycle

Sujay KuttyItch to produce

Swanand KirkireItch to inspire

Shyam BenegalItch to tell Stories

Udit VedantItch to bitch

Varun Grover

Varun ReddyIntroduction and process to incubation

Vikram PhadnisItch to Style


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